We meet again.

My blog!.  I’m sorry I abandoned you for 3 months!  I miss blogging.  I have not been short on fashion though.  I’ve been thrifting a lot this summer and I am getting ready to move at the end of this week!  Very busy summer, fashionistas!

A lot of changes are going to incur over the next couple of weeks, but I think I’m ready.  I was offered a full time teaching  job about an hour and a half away from home.  I will be moving into an apartment and starting life on my own!  Goodness!  I guess I grew up fast!

Below is an outfit I wore out shopping and to the LMFAO and Kesha concert the other night.  I was not about to wear fishnet tights and glitter all over my face—doesn’t really work for me.  I’ll leave the glitter to Kesha!

Outfit details:

Dress:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted.  Bag: Kate Spade.  Sandals: NY & Co.  Jewelery: Vintage

2nd photo: Burberry Fall  Collection 2011 Jacket.  I wish it was mine!





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A spring in my step.

I worked all day today like I do every Saturday and Sunday.  To brighten up my day on this rainy Sunday, I wore a bright colored cardigan and skirt.  I bought this outfit months ago and I have yet to wear it yet.  I bought both the cardigan and skirt from the Liz Claiborne Outlet right before it closed.  I scored both pieces for $9.99!

Cardigan: Liz Claiborne Outlet $4.99 

Skirt: Liz Claiborne Outlet $4.99

T-Shirt: Forever 21 

Watch: Bulova

Jewelery: my grandmother’s (vintage)

P.S.  I cut my hair shorter too–in anticipation of summer!



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Orange crush.

For work, I decided to dress down just a little.   I paired Gap jeans with a beautiful Ann Taylor blazer that I thrifted for $1!  Yes, you did not read incorrectly.  The blazer was marked down to $1.  This outfit has been getting a lot of mileage lately.  I’ve worn it to work, shopping with Kelly, and out and about with my mom.  It’s my new go to outfit. 


Blazer: Ann Taylor (thrifted) Jeans: Gap (thrifted) Shirt: Kohl’s Jewelery: Flea Market (years ago!)

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I Could Write A Sonnet About Your Easter Bonnet.

Happy Easter lovelies!  My family and I went to church this morning and I decided to shake things up.  I live in a small town in New Jersey and not many people would wear Easter bonnets to church.  Well, I’m not most people.  I thrifted this gorgeous hat this week for $5.00.  It matched my Easter dress perfectly.  My mother and I both wore hats to church this morning.  I thought it was something different, and now with the anticipated royal wedding, dress hats are making a comeback.

On me:

Dress: Liz Claiborne Outlet, Hat: Crochetta for Ooh La La-Thrifted, Shoes: Dollhouse, Jewelery: Vintage (grandmother’s)

On Brian:

Jacket: H&M, Pants: Dockers, Tie: Steve and Barry’s, White Shirt:  Van Heusen, Shoes: Italian White Leather, Daffy’s. 

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Christmas wrap-up.

My, how fast a week goes!  I feel like Christmas was just yesterday and now it’s 2011!

My boyfriend and I were hosts to a wonderful little dance party with all of our friends last night.  It was a blast to ring in the new year with such great people!

With the crazy snowstorm that hit last week, I did not get a chance to exchange gifts with my boyfriend’s family.

James surprised with me a beautiful Bulova watch!  I was so stunned! It’s the most perfect gift—I can dress it up or down!

I got a beautiful Whiting and Davis Cameo necklace from James’ mom and dad which will go great with my Whiting and Davis bags.  Remember this post?

My beautiful Bulova watch!

A great fur stole I got for Christmas!

Gorgeous Whiting and Davis Cameo necklace.

I wore this for the New Year's Eve party! A vintage Christian Lacroix dress!

I wore these Charlotte Russe platforms on New Year's! Fabulous!

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Does anyone know what TSOP stands for?  It’s “The Sound of Philadelphia”.  The sound that I grew up on—that and Motown.

I know everyone reading this is probably scratching their heads.  How does a white/Caucasian girl from Jersey know all about groove and soul?

My mom.

My mom exposed me to all types of music growing up.  I’ve listened and fallen in love with everyone from The Mamas and The Papas to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes–Peter, Paul, and Mary to David Cassidy.  There is not a song I do not know from the 1960’s onward.  Folk to pop to rap to soul- I got you covered.

So you can imagine my surprise (and excitement!) when I saw John Legend, The Roots, and Common’s version of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes’  “Wake Up Everybody”.  I’m so happy to see that the classic sound of Philadelphia is not lost.

All is well in the world.

John Legend’s version:

Here’s the original version:

For those who have never heard the song “T.S.O.P. The Sound of Philadelphia” by MFSB (Mother Father, Sister, Brother)

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I left my heart on the dancefloor.

This weekend was pretty epic.  I took a trip down to Atlantic City with my boyfriend.  Dinner at the pub was amaaaazing as always.  They have the best dinner and beer around.  After dinner, we met up with Kelly and her friends for drinks, dancing, and a little gambling.  I love to just get away for a night sometimes.

Good friends, good food, and dancing.  Life is complete.

Outfit details:

Sequined shirt: Vintage, thrifted

Black Pants: Target (so old)

Don’t Kelly and James look gorgeous?!?

Kelly and me

James and me

Kelly and me

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It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!

As Duke Ellington so elegantly sang, “it don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!”  And swing we did this weekend!  My boyfriend and I attended my college’s 1940’s dance-a-thon this weekend, and it was so much fun!

Duke Ellington also wrote, “Just give that rhythm  everything you got”, and we danced like I’ve never danced before!  my feet were killing me by the end of the night.  It was worth all the pain because we took 1st place in the dance competition!  I much prefer dancing swing than any other type of dancing!  There’s something romantic and care-free about swing dancing.  Everyone was dressed beautifully, in flapper costumes, sequined dresses, and bow-ties.

I actually purchased my dress last year for my 21st birthday party.  I found it at a local consignment shop for $5.00.  Any excuse to wear that dress and I’m in!  It’s not often I get the chance to wear it!  Paired with a handmade sequined feather headband, and JcPenney’s Worthington stilettos for $4.97 (what a sale!), I was good to go!

Thanks to the Dance Theatre Group for putting together a wonderful evening!

My ensemble:

Dress: Consignment- $5.00, Headband-handmade, Jewelry– vintage, my grandmother’s, Shoes: JcPenney $4.97

James (bf) ensemble:

Suit: JcPenney, Billy London, Shirt: Marshall’s, Shoes: Fossil (on sale!)

**Thank you to Amanda MacPhee for all photos!**

All the competitors!

dancing in the competition!


Just give that rhythm ev-ry-thing you got YES

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Disco is not dead.

According to my new vintage store score, disco is not dead!  I scored this amazing disco-glam butterfly shirt for under $10 at a thrift store this week!  I have no idea where and how I am going to wear it, but I’ll make it work.  I always do!  I have been seeing a lot of these around lately–I think they’re making a serious comeback!


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Psychedelic glamour.

I know this a little delayed! School has been beyond hectic–student teaching, working, lesson planning!  I can’t forget about my fashion!  Sorry darlings!

I loved all the looks from Fashion Week last month.  A lot of designers paid tribute to classic 70’s psychedelic glamour.  No designer did this better than Marc Jacobs.

This season showed beautiful silohuettes, silk, and tailored ensembles–everything a woman needs in RTW and Spring/Summer 2011.  I love the color palette and the high-heels stiletto shoes!  Kudos to Marc!

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