Orange crush.

For work, I decided to dress down just a little.   I paired Gap jeans with a beautiful Ann Taylor blazer that I thrifted for $1!  Yes, you did not read incorrectly.  The blazer was marked down to $1.  This outfit has been getting a lot of mileage lately.  I’ve worn it to work, shopping with Kelly, and out and about with my mom.  It’s my new go to outfit. 


Blazer: Ann Taylor (thrifted) Jeans: Gap (thrifted) Shirt: Kohl’s Jewelery: Flea Market (years ago!)


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You couldn’t get this for six quarters.

But I did!   Oh my gosh my fashion darlings.  I had a serious fashion moment this afternoon. Cue Rachel Zoe’s “I died” here. 

I went to get some lunch today with a friend and while I was waiting for my lunch to be ready, I hopped next door to the local thrift store. Oh, that rhymed.  The thrift store benefits a local hospital here in NJ, so I was hoping to find something nice to buy for myself.

As I was meandering around with no particular item in mind, I found the bag.  Marked for $3.00 was a fabulous black Chanel satchel bag.   I squealed– in public.

I’m fully aware that it is a knockoff and I would never try to advertise it any other way…but it’s still ridiculously cute.  I brought it to the register where the nice elderly woman informed me that all bags are half off today. Really? I paid $1.50. Just pinch me.  I think I may have blacked out for a moment!

I kindly let her know that this bag cost less than my lunch today.  I thanked her and then she said, “It looks like you needed a new bag anyway”.  She was insulting my vintage pink crocidle clutch.  ( I will use it until it falls apart in my hand—I love it too much!) Her snide comment could not damper the fashion high I have been on since about noon this afternoon.  I purchased a purse with the spare change in my wallet.  I think that is the ultimate score.



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