I decided.

One nice day and I have spring fever.

I have already begun the dreaded swimsuit shopping escapade.

I am refusing to buy a teenie tiny bikini this summer.  They are not flattering.  I am no longer a little 90 lb. teeanger.  I’m 5’3 and 125lbs.  I’m not a big woman, but the swimsuits seem to get smaller and smaller every season.

I may as well just wear 2 bandaids and a cork and call it a day.

Every spring I get so down on myself because I feel that it’s me that gained too much weight or something–but it’s not me!  I am happy with my figure but I can not be happy with these “barely” there swimsuits.  For woman that are 6’0 and 100 lbs—Kudos!  It’ s great if they work for you, but I don’t feel comfortable at all.

These tiny bikinis are giving me muffin tops and I don’t even have a muffin top!

The shape I am is the shape I am going to stay.  I am not longer going to shop in juniors, squeezing myself into these suits.

So, here is my solution:

Sexy tankinis!  I always thought one-pieces and tankinis were made for older women, and someone my age would look ridiculous in them.  I was so wrong! My mom and I went swim suit shopping last week and I found 2 beautiful tankinis by Carmen Marc Valvo and Perry Ellis.   I even found a great bikini from DKNY.  The solution is to shop better brands and look in the “Misses” departments of stores.  I found a great two piece by DKNY that does not have a tiny, tie-string bottom.

If you would like to join with me in this crusade, I found a few gorgeous suits from Victoria’s  Secret.  My suits are similar to these and they still are fun, pretty, and sexy without being skanky.




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Skinny mini.

Being a curvier girl and definitely not a size zero stick figure, most skinny bikinis look horrendous on me.  I am not embarrassed nor do I feel the need to change the way I look. My figure is what it is and I embrace it.

Since most girls do not have a “model” figure, why should we succumb to swimsuits designed for such figures?  Personally, most skinny, barely-there bikinis do absolutely nothing to flatter my figure.

My suggestion for not only myself but girls similar to my body type?  Find a fab one piece of cut-out bikini that flatters your most amazing features–other than your already gorgeous faces!

Here are a few of my picks and top of the line designed swimsuits for Summer 2010.

Juicy Couture

I love Juciy Couture’s 50’s swimsuit inspiration.  The ruffles will show off your sexy curves and keep you fun and flirty at the beach!

Michael Kors

Michael Kors 2010 designs are sophisticated and classic–not showing off too much!

Emilio Pucci

This Emilio Pucci one piece cut out swimsuit is the perfect bikini alternative!

Kenneth Cole

This one piece Kenneth Cole swimsuit is perfect for the more daring sun bather!

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