We meet again.

My blog!.  I’m sorry I abandoned you for 3 months!  I miss blogging.  I have not been short on fashion though.  I’ve been thrifting a lot this summer and I am getting ready to move at the end of this week!  Very busy summer, fashionistas!

A lot of changes are going to incur over the next couple of weeks, but I think I’m ready.  I was offered a full time teaching  job about an hour and a half away from home.  I will be moving into an apartment and starting life on my own!  Goodness!  I guess I grew up fast!

Below is an outfit I wore out shopping and to the LMFAO and Kesha concert the other night.  I was not about to wear fishnet tights and glitter all over my face—doesn’t really work for me.  I’ll leave the glitter to Kesha!

Outfit details:

Dress:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted.  Bag: Kate Spade.  Sandals: NY & Co.  Jewelery: Vintage

2nd photo: Burberry Fall  Collection 2011 Jacket.  I wish it was mine!





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A spring in my step.

I worked all day today like I do every Saturday and Sunday.  To brighten up my day on this rainy Sunday, I wore a bright colored cardigan and skirt.  I bought this outfit months ago and I have yet to wear it yet.  I bought both the cardigan and skirt from the Liz Claiborne Outlet right before it closed.  I scored both pieces for $9.99!

Cardigan: Liz Claiborne Outlet $4.99 

Skirt: Liz Claiborne Outlet $4.99

T-Shirt: Forever 21 

Watch: Bulova

Jewelery: my grandmother’s (vintage)

P.S.  I cut my hair shorter too–in anticipation of summer!



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Not so mellow yellow

Attention ladies!  Fear not the color yellow for Spring/Summer 2011!  I know that yellow can be a tricky color to pull off, especially if you are blonde and blue-eyed like me.  Sometimes yellow can make me look washed out but worn with the right hue and accessories, it’s absolutely stunning! I’m embracing this bold color trend this season and taking a cue from these fabulous fashionistas:

They’re rocking this bold color!

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Merry for Mulberry.

I feel so out of the loop, fashionistas! Lately, my life is being consumed by lesson plans and teaching 1st graders!  I have no time to write!

I can’t complain.  My 1st graders are fantastic, but my fashion ventures have taken a back seat!

So, alas!  I am finally posting again!  Have you seen the “Oh, my gosh! I want to scream”, fabulous Mulberry satchels?  They are to die for.  Gorgeous, versatile, and a definite staple in your wardrobe.

As you all know, I’m in college and on a very strict budget (like I really stick to it!). Lucky for me (and you!) Mulberry has teamed up with Target to create affordable satchels for all!

I have to say, they are really lovely!  Obviously if I had a choice, I would opt for Mulberry’s designs and skip the Target collaboration, but I’m not that wealthy (yet!).

I’ll leave it up to you, my fellow readers!  Can you spot the difference between Mulberry and Mulberry for Target?  Do you have a preference?  Let me know!


Mulberry, Spring/Summer 2011


Mulberry For Target

Mulberry for Target

Mulberry for Target (this one is my favorite!)

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Get familiar: Colorblind.

Attention fashion darlings!  I get so excited when I see fresh, new talent!

Look no further than Colorblind, a brand new clothing company!  Straight out of Union, New Jersey, partners Jeff and Wilfredo have teamed up to give fashion lovers pop-culture inspired attire.

I, for one, love it!  The pop-culture commentary, printed t-shirts, and bright-colored sweatshirts can easily mix into your already fabulous wardrobe.  I was given the privelege to interview these talented designers:


Colorblind Clothing Co.  (Jeffrey Perina, Wilfredo Ruiz)
Union, New Jersey

Wilfredo 21/Jeff 22

How long have you been creating/designing clothes?

Wilfredo actually started a clothing line about 2 years back called DKA (Dopest Kids Around) with a friend of his. During that same time Jeff actually started Colorblind with another one of his friends. Both of them flopped at that time (clearly).

What prompted you to start a clothing/design company?
Jeff has been making his own shirts for about 2 years now and always gaining compliments from them. Wilfredo saw how many people were asking him where he got his shirts so he decided to go to Jeff with the idea of making a clothing line and Jeff thought it was a great idea and we started it the next day.
How would you describe your style?

Our style is basically whatever we like and anything that gains attention.

Is this going to be your livelihood? Can you explain in more detail what you do for a living? How does this play into your style?

We want it to turn into our lives, hopefully. Jeff works at Nordstrom dressing people up everyday. Wilfredo is a professional photographer. The line’s shirts play the largest part into our styles because they’re all attention grabbing, eye catching, controversial shirts, and that’s what we feed off of.

What has inspired you/this company?
Our love for fashion and voicing our opinions on matters that very few people agree with.


What are your plans for producing and selling clothing?
The big plan is to keep up with the styles that are constantly changing. There is always going to be a large demographic of people who wear clothes that have a meaning behind them. You don’t really have that anymore with lines out today. Another thing is our marketing is all about the diversity of people we use to model our clothes. We believe that the marketing aspect is the most important part to a clothing line and it’s something a lot of companies are lacking today.
Where do you see this company in 5 years?

In 5 years, we hope to have at least one full line store and a set name established for ourselves. We want Colorblind to be a household name. We just got to have faith. (Maybe, start making baby/kids clothes!)

We want to add an estimated release date for everybody to actually start ordering and purchasing the clothes. It should be around the first quarter of 2011.

We’re also planning a HUGE release party for Colorblind where we’ll be handing out goodie bags and a free limited edition shirt for the event. Our main priority right now is just getting the word out and getting feedback on the concepts we put out.


All photos courtesy of


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Psychedelic glamour.

I know this a little delayed! School has been beyond hectic–student teaching, working, lesson planning!  I can’t forget about my fashion!  Sorry darlings!

I loved all the looks from Fashion Week last month.  A lot of designers paid tribute to classic 70’s psychedelic glamour.  No designer did this better than Marc Jacobs.

This season showed beautiful silohuettes, silk, and tailored ensembles–everything a woman needs in RTW and Spring/Summer 2011.  I love the color palette and the high-heels stiletto shoes!  Kudos to Marc!

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I scream for Reem.

Reem Acra’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection is to die for.  I’m obsessed.  All the fabrics are absolutely gorgeous.  From gold metallics gowns to chic bohemian dresses–this collection has everything.

Alas, Fall is upon us.  We will not be able to fully enjoy this collection or any of the S/S 2011 collections for some time.  In the mean time, I’ll keep staring at all the fabulous pieces!

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It was a steal.

I had some time to kill after class today before I had to go to the dentist for my annual check-up.  What to do?  Homework? Nope.

I went to the mall.  Now, those of you that know me know that I am pretty thrifty when it comes to shopping.  I’ve been known to linger around both consignment stores and thrift stores.  How else do you think I could afford brand new Prada pumps?

Anyway, rarely am I spotted at the mall.  Since the mall was so close to the dentist, I figured I would pop in for a quick look.  I parked near JcPenney which must have been shear fate.

I found these adorable stilettos for $4.97!  Yes, three cents less than five dollars.  I couldn’t believe it myself.   On the JcPenney website, the shoes are still listed at $24.99 and originally $60.00!  I’d say I did alright!   I saved $55.00! If you want them, you can find them here. My advice? Go to the store and save even more!

JcPenney Worthington "Flora" shoes--$4.97!

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Pixie Love.

Hello fabulous fashionistas!

I’m sure you saw my post on short hair a few posts ago.  So imagine my excitement when I saw the first pictures of Emma Watson’s new haircut!  She looks fantastic.  She has such a beautiful face so I believe this pixie style is perfect for her.  She looks absolutely gorgeous and I love it.

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It’s like being a kid all over again.

Do you remember jellies?  The awesome shoes from the late 80’s and early 90’s that, if you like me, you lived in for most of your young childhood.

Well, Moschino took the popularity of jellies and mixed the fabulous design work of plastic specialist, Kartell. The result: a fabulous and fun summer shoe design.

Moschino and Kartell’s shoes are made from different plastics and are decorated with a knot, which is  a trademark for the Italian label. These ballerina flats are called “BowWow” which pays homage to Moschino’s most iconic piece–the bow tie.

All of the shoes are 100% recyclable.  Looking fabulous and helping the environment? I dig it.

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