All I do is work.

I feel like between student-teaching, classes, and working all weekend, there has been no time for anything.  I had a serious shopping withdrawal!  Thank goodness for spring break and my friend Kelly!  We had lunch and hit up all of our favorite thrift and consignment stores.  I found this great vintage Ralph Lauren cotton dress–a total steal!  I wore it to work last week paired with Dollhouse white slingback pumps.  It was such an effortless ensemble!

Dress: Ralph Lauren  Shoes: Dollhouse  Jewelery: vintage (grandmother’s)


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Just needed a night away!

My boyfriend and I went to see Kathy Griffin in Atlantic City a few weeks ago.   I didn’t get a chance to blog about it because my semester was coming to an end.  I finished student teaching yesterday and now it’s on to graduation in just 2 weeks!  It’s been an exhausting process and now I’ll have some more free time to get back to blogging!

Not only was the Kathy Griffin show a blast because she’s obviously the funniest woman on the planet, but I had a chance encounter at the Borgata.  Carson Kressley happened to be at the show!  I  bumped into him leaving the show and going down the escalator.  For those of you that don’t know who he is–Google him!  He is a fashion guru, stylist, and has been on Oprah, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and How to Look Good Naked.  He was super sweet and said that he loved my outfit and shoes!  Score!  I totally died.  To have his approval was pretty awesome!

We ended the night with gelatos at the Borgata cafe.  All in all I’d say we had a successful night!

My outfit

Dress: INC Macy’s Shoes: Steve Madden

James’ Outfit:

Shirt: Ralph Lauren  Jeans: Merona for Target Tie: Merona for Target

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It was a steal.

I had some time to kill after class today before I had to go to the dentist for my annual check-up.  What to do?  Homework? Nope.

I went to the mall.  Now, those of you that know me know that I am pretty thrifty when it comes to shopping.  I’ve been known to linger around both consignment stores and thrift stores.  How else do you think I could afford brand new Prada pumps?

Anyway, rarely am I spotted at the mall.  Since the mall was so close to the dentist, I figured I would pop in for a quick look.  I parked near JcPenney which must have been shear fate.

I found these adorable stilettos for $4.97!  Yes, three cents less than five dollars.  I couldn’t believe it myself.   On the JcPenney website, the shoes are still listed at $24.99 and originally $60.00!  I’d say I did alright!   I saved $55.00! If you want them, you can find them here. My advice? Go to the store and save even more!

JcPenney Worthington "Flora" shoes--$4.97!

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Jersey Shore does shoes?

Well, not exactly.  Steve Madden designed a shoe entitled “Snooki”. The shoes look great, but have nothing to do with the infamous TV show.  Thank God. That show is a topic for another day. I live at the Jersey shore so, needless to say, I have many opinions about the representation of where I live. For those of you that follow my blog who aren’t from NJ, just know that most New Jerseyians are nothing like the show.

But anyway! Let’s get back on topic, shall we? Recently, Steve Madden renamed the shoe “Snobbie”.  My guess? Snooki wanted a piece of the revenue considering they “used” her copyrighted name.  Cry about it.  I really love the shoes though.  The shoe is flashy and a nice chunky heel.  Maybe Steve Madden had Snooki in mind when it named and/or designed the shoe.  “Snobbie” or “Snooki”, I don’t really care.  I’m all about the glamour!

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Pattern play.

Anyone who knows me will tell you my motto: I do not buy it unless it’s on sale. Period. End of story. I love to look pretty and fabulous–as much as I can on my budget—so sales are a must.

When I was at the mall the other day I glanced at the sale racks in JcPenney.  Nicole by Nicole Miller is one of my favorite lines.  Yes, it’s not Nicole Miller couture but the dresses are fantastic.  I am pear shaped and Nicole Miller’s designs really flatter, fit my figure, and keep me looking classy and sophisticated.

I purchased this Nicole by Nicole Miller dress at 85% off (score!) and it looks absolutely show-stopping paired with my go-to sexy Dollhouse pumps. At 85% off , they may as well have just given me the dress!  Just kidding.  But yet I made another phenomenal outfit for work or a dinner date—if I do say so myself!

Oh and by the way, JcPenney’s website is really busting my you know whats.  It won’t let me post the pictures of my dress so here is the image of what I bought here :  Nicole Miller Gathered Contrast Dress.

Lesson learned: Just take pictures of myself in the dress (it looks so much prettier and more flattering in person–trust me!)

Go buy it at the mall though—it’s much cheaper in the store compared to online price.

And here are the shoes I paired it with:

BAM! Fabulous heels!

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So this is why I’m poor.

My daily mantra consists of checking my email, facebook, and occasionally stalking out some glamour at Lucky magazine online.

When I came across this article, I almost fainted.

The Average Woman Spends Almost $25,000 On Shoes In Her Lifetime.

A new survey shows that the average woman will buy 469 pairs of shoes in her lifetime with an overall price tag of about $25,000–or $53 per pair. “The survey of 3,000 women, shows that the average woman has about 19 pairs of shoes – three pairs with heels, six pairs of flip-flops, sandals, or wedges,  three pairs of boots and four pairs of shoes for nights out. They also have two pairs of work shoes and another two or so ‘random’ purchases. Girls buy their first pair without mum at 14, then seven pairs a year for the rest of their lives.”


Considering the fact that I have at least 75 pairs of shoes, not including flip-flops and boots—well, there’s where my money is—hanging out in my closet.   At least I can say my feet look absolutely fabulous daily!

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Let them eat Louboutin.

As Marie Antoinette once so famously stated, “Let them eat cake!”

In my world and the genius vision that is Christian Louboutin, all shall wear fabulous footwear!  This past year, Christian Louboutin designed a few pairs of shoes that were inspired by Marie Antoinette and modernized by Louboutin’s creative mind.  The result: heaven.

And for a little added bonus (since I watched the movie again!),  my favorite song off the “Marie Antoinette” soundtrack is below: The song “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and The Banshees.

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Lend me, Fendi?

For those of you who haven’t already, sign up for Saks 5th Ave’s daily email subscriptions.  For me, opening a daily email from Saks is like Christmas morning every single day.

Today, Fendi was the featured designer and can I just say, Wow!  I absolutely love the monogram design every season but the jump from the bags to shoes is perfection.  The classic Fendi label is featured in their shoes this season (see below!). I love this mix of the classic with the new designs.  Fendi will always be timeless (I rock my mother’s Fendi bag!).  And have you seen the height on these new shoes? Fabulous!


fun for summer!

love love love!

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This is how it’s done.

I came across The Girl in the Check Scarf’s blog and found this amazing, breathtaking, and perfect wedding piece.  Why do weddings always have to be so extravagant and senseless?

Taking inspiration from Audrey Hepburn’s classic style, this wedding is simple, romantic, and absolutely beautiful.  The bride channeled both Audrey’s September 26th, 1954 wedding to Mel Ferrer and Audrey’s wedding dress in Funny Face. I think this is brilliant.  The wedding holds the luxe that most brides are looking for, but it is subdued and the guests were able to pay attention to what was important–the sanctity of the ceremony.  I’d definitely do this if I get married one day.

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Rock & Republic.

Rock & Republic pump $295

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