I Could Write A Sonnet About Your Easter Bonnet.

Happy Easter lovelies!  My family and I went to church this morning and I decided to shake things up.  I live in a small town in New Jersey and not many people would wear Easter bonnets to church.  Well, I’m not most people.  I thrifted this gorgeous hat this week for $5.00.  It matched my Easter dress perfectly.  My mother and I both wore hats to church this morning.  I thought it was something different, and now with the anticipated royal wedding, dress hats are making a comeback.

On me:

Dress: Liz Claiborne Outlet, Hat: Crochetta for Ooh La La-Thrifted, Shoes: Dollhouse, Jewelery: Vintage (grandmother’s)

On Brian:

Jacket: H&M, Pants: Dockers, Tie: Steve and Barry’s, White Shirt:  Van Heusen, Shoes: Italian White Leather, Daffy’s. 


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Something to get you thinking.

What runs through your mind when you go shopping?  Is it a particular look you want to achieve, your budget, or the time you spend in a store?  I bet that you, like myself, do not take the time to necessarily think about where the clothes come from.

What is the history behind that fabulous new chiffon blouse or the thought process behind the new military inspired jackets?

H&M, the 3rd largest clothing retailer in the world, has shed some light on “democratic” fashion.  How does H&M do it?  Fabulous, high quality clothing sold at a modest price?  ABC’s Nightline covered H&M’s popularity and history in a recent segment.  Take a look—-you may learn something!


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Hip and fresh–fedoras.

In case you haven’t already noticed, fedoras are creeping their way into mainstream fashion.  They were never really out of style; they’ve been a staple piece for wardrobes.  Mostly geared towards men’s fashion, fedoras have crossed over into the female trends for summer 2010.

Easy, fun and effortlessly fashionable, fedoras work with almost all of  your summer wardrobe.   What I like about this borrowed-from-the-boys trend is that it can be both casual and ultra trendy, without screaming for too much attention. Fedoras have a  subdued quality that can really take an outfit from ordinary to very chic in a moment.  With fedoras at H&M starting at only $5.99, how could you go wrong trying this trend?

Fedoras- casual.

Fedoras-runway-Vivienne Westwood

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A fab little preview.

I’ve been overloaded and crazy busy this week with finals.  I promise that by this weekend I will have 2 new posts for your viewing pleasure.  In the meantime, bask and enjoy a little preview of H&M’s Fall 2010 men’s line.  I feel inspired to do a men’s piece next! 

Preview- H&M Fall 2010

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