We meet again.

My blog!.  I’m sorry I abandoned you for 3 months!  I miss blogging.  I have not been short on fashion though.  I’ve been thrifting a lot this summer and I am getting ready to move at the end of this week!  Very busy summer, fashionistas!

A lot of changes are going to incur over the next couple of weeks, but I think I’m ready.  I was offered a full time teaching  job about an hour and a half away from home.  I will be moving into an apartment and starting life on my own!  Goodness!  I guess I grew up fast!

Below is an outfit I wore out shopping and to the LMFAO and Kesha concert the other night.  I was not about to wear fishnet tights and glitter all over my face—doesn’t really work for me.  I’ll leave the glitter to Kesha!

Outfit details:

Dress:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted.  Bag: Kate Spade.  Sandals: NY & Co.  Jewelery: Vintage

2nd photo: Burberry Fall  Collection 2011 Jacket.  I wish it was mine!





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Orange crush.

For work, I decided to dress down just a little.   I paired Gap jeans with a beautiful Ann Taylor blazer that I thrifted for $1!  Yes, you did not read incorrectly.  The blazer was marked down to $1.  This outfit has been getting a lot of mileage lately.  I’ve worn it to work, shopping with Kelly, and out and about with my mom.  It’s my new go to outfit. 


Blazer: Ann Taylor (thrifted) Jeans: Gap (thrifted) Shirt: Kohl’s Jewelery: Flea Market (years ago!)

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A little Photoshop 101.

Let’s start with a disclaimer: I am in no way super technology savvy.

But! I think I know enough that when I came across Ann Taylor’s website models, something was awry.  The models look ridiculously thin, out of proportion, and just plain idiotic.

It looks like someone needs Photoshop 101.  I’m no expert, so sign me up for any info sessions on the software; But Ann, really? I am sure that with Ann Taylor’s annual revenue, they can afford to hire some great Photoshoppers (if that is the correct term!)

Ann Taylor apologized via media outlets and of course, Twitter (which I still have to learn).  Ann Taylor released this statement:

We want to support and celebrate the natural beauty of women, and we apologize if in the process of retouching that was lost.

Still, I find the whole incident a little far-fetched.  I don’t care so much for their released statement either. Does anyone over at Ann Taylor get final proofs on these pictures?  It doesn’t take a fashion guru to realize something’s wrong.  I will give Ann Taylor a little credit: At least they owned up to the retouching—unlike that infamous Ralph Lauren ad.

By the way darlings, the images are still up there.  I checked.  So in my estimated opinion, Ann Taylor must not think too much of the distorted messages and ideals they are sending.  Here, you can compare the Ralph Lauren ad with a picture from the Ann Taylor website and view the other distorted images:

**And there are a lot more images than what I have on this post.  Visit the website and you’ll find tons more.  http://www.anntaylor.com/home.jsp

Here are more pictures from Ann Taylor’s website:

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