Shoe addicts unite.

My boyfriend sent me this link from CNN’s IReport.  I think he’s trying to tell me something.

Does your shoe collection take up an entire closet? Do you have any outrageous shoes — 10-inch stilettos, one-of-a-kind sneakers, funky platforms, graffiti-printed flats, colorful wedge sandals or show-stopping boots — that go with very little but you just had to have?

CNN wants you! CNN’s IReport wants all shoe addicts to send pictures of their closets.  How are your shoes arranged? Do they take over your entire closet?  Are you like me? ( I have shoes on shelves in my closet, on the floor of the closet, under my bed and in a second closet in the hallway).  Yes, I am that addicted.  So send in your pictures! I know I will!


Mariah Carey's shoe closet

Jessica Alba's shoe closet


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That good ol’ feeling.

I usually spend my weekends catching up on my fashion addictions for the week.  I’m so busy during the week with school and work , so I thoroughly enjoying looking forward to blogging, reading posts about fashion, and browsing through my favorite fashion websites, i.e.

I had a déjà vu moment on Modcloth’s site.  Modcloth’s “Watermelon Fizz” dress brought me back to my first day of school in second grade.  I had a dress that had a huge watermelon on it and it was in the same color scheme as this dress.  How exciting is it to revisit my childhood memories and possibly relive some of the fun via Modcloth’s fabulous designs? They never cease to amaze me.  At only $54.99, this dress is sure to go from day to night and work with any engagement you attend.

Also, I just recently purchased a vintage brown and pink floral Ann Taylor dress.  Modcloth’s vintage pieces are timeless and classic, just like Ann Taylor.  They are ultra chic, beautiful and the pieces sell fast!  So come and bask in my addiction and browse Modcloth’s site—you may find some one-of-a-kind pieces and unique styles for you!

Watermelon Fizz dress $54.99

Wish You Were Here vintage dress

Sincerely Vintage dress

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I’ll take some Halston and a side of Chanel, please!

For Sex and the City 2, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is seen in a Halston Heritage dress, Chanel clutch, Christian Louboutin heels, Solange Azagury Partridge necklace and MYKITA sunglasses (picture #1).  Carrie is seen in Halston Heritage dress with Christian Louboutin bag and shoes and Jee Vice sunglasses (picture #2).  Picture #3 is a throwback to Carrie in her younger years.

Just from viewing the preview pictures of the clothes for this movie, I’m getting so excited for the release in two weeks!

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A hint of edge and a ton of glam!

Ladies, I am sure you are fully aware of the mecca that is the world of Christian Louboutin.  The nirvana of shoe designers has released his Spring/Summer 2010 line and I have to say, I feel that it is some of his best work!

With impeccable attention to detail, Louboutin has packed all things glamour into his collection for Spring and Summer.   This new line features a blast of color, a sexy rocker edge, and insanely high heels.  I think I’m in love.

Christian Louboutin Zigounette Sandal

Christian Louboutin Caroline Pump

Christian Louboutin peep toe

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Oui Oui Chloé!

Oo la la! Chloé has designed some fabulous “back to basics” pieces for this season.  Beautifully and simply perfect, these pieces will easily complement your already fabulous wardrobe.  At Saks Fifth Ave.’s website, you can explore full looks and use their looks as inspirations for yours.  Granted, the pieces are quite pricey, but you can easily buy similar sophisticated pieces at Banana Republic and J.Crew.

I would splurge on Chloé’s new shoe line this season.  Their gladiator-inspired heels are new and different from anything I’ve seen on the runways this season.  Get to stepping in these fabulous new designs!

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For the bookworms.

In addition to my obsession with all things fashion, I attend college and I am pursuing a degree in education.  My minor is humanities with a concentration in English- specifically classic literature.  Since I love literature so much, you can occasionally see me with a book in my hand and the books are almost always written by classic American writers.

Among my favorites are Dickinson, Whitman, Salinger, Orwell….I should really stop—I could list all day. Isn’t it utterly fabulous that once again, my two passions collide?  I can never get enough of fashion mixing with literature.  It gets me all warm and happy inside!

Thank you Modcloth for once again surprising me and putting a smile on my face!  Modcloth has a line of vintage inspired t-shirts with all my favorite writers on them.  How cool is that? I am so excited for the “Stella” t-shirt from A Streetcar Named Desire! I won’t be wearing my heart on my sleeve, but I will definitely be wearing my preference of literature on it!

Modestly priced at $27.99, anyone can afford to buy more than one!  Since I have so many favorite writers, I can’t choose just one!  Hop on over to and get to searching!

"Stella" $27.99

"Catcher in the Rye" $27.99

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Splurge vs. Steal

Oh, Chanel, how I dream of you so often.  To me, Chanel is like my fashion Nirvana.  I walk into the Chanel boutique on East 57th St. and once I am in the door, I can think of nothing else but how magical, innovative, and inviting every piece in the collection is.  From Chanel’s 2.25 satchel (my absolute must have–one day when I hit the lottery), to the fabulous nautical summer footwear, Chanel exudes class and excellence.

I have lusted after Chanel’s 2.25 satchel and Chanel’s white ceramic watch for years. The watch- a modest $5,000 price tag and the bag–a mere $3,000. Sadly, I can not afford either–but a girl can dream, no? For me, I dream in Chanel. ❤

Anyway, Marc by Marc Jacobs has designed a quirky and fun line of watches for this Spring.  Some of the watches remind me of Chanel’s ceramic watch and are priced at only $175.00.  That’s a big difference from $3,000, I’m just saying.

Available at Nordstrom, I predict that this line will sell quick.  Designed in white (Yes!), resembling the Chanel watch, Marc’s watch is sure to be a crowd favorite.  I want one!  The watches are available in a multitude of color combinations, sure to complement any summer attire!

Chanel Ceramic Watch $3,000+

Marc Jacobs Oversize Watch $175.00

Marc Jacobs Two Tone Rivera $175.00

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Cute and cheerful charms.

This designer needs no introduction–Betsey Johnson!  Betsy Johnson’s outrageous and super fun designs have been a must needed splurge for many fashionistas, including myself.

I was recently given a Betsey Johnson necklace as a gift.  Her 2010 Spring jewelery line is sure to please all types of styles this season.  Johnson has designed necklaces that are multi-linked chains.  She has incorporated 2-3 necklaces into one and the look is breathtaking, girly, and innovative. The beautiful Betsey Johnson romantic pendants complete a layered-chain necklace that’s sure to turn heads. The necklaces work with many looks- from fun and flirty sundresses to work attire.  

The necklaces Betsey designed this year are real conversation pieces– as if your fabulous personalities couldn’t do the trick!  Anyway, the entire line is at Nordstrom’s and prices are reasonable.  The pieces are great gift ideas and I’m pretty sure you’ll be gifting yourself with a few of these statement pieces!

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Bright Eyes.

She’s no wallflower! The previous line is one that has been used to describe me on more than one occasion.  Do you want to stand out in a crowd, cause a little scene, create a “wow” factor? It’s so easy with a little change to your makeup this season.

This won’t cost you a ton of money and, in my opinion, this will brighten up your face and complete your ensemble in more ways than you think!

What do you ask is this fabulous secret I’m hiding?! It’s simple—-Change your eyeliner!  For some, including myself, black eyeliner is just bad all around.  I have light, pale-like skin.  Black eyeliner makes my eyes and face look dark and dare I say it, slightly emo! (Not the look I tend to go for!) Black eyeliner does not flatter my features and definitely does not accentuate my blue eyes!

Luckily, many makeup lines are coming out with new, bright-colored eyeliner for this season!  I am never one to spend a lot of money, especially makeup.  I’m in luck this season because Maybelline just introduced EYEstudio. The colors are phenomenal and the look is easily achievable.

MAC cosmetics has also created Pearglide Intense Eyeliner.  With colors like “almost noir”, “industrial” and “designer purple”, you can create looks that are soft and feminine, rather than dark and harsh.  That is not to say that dark looks aren’t beautiful—I just feel there is a time and place for each!

So have fun with these eye-popping looks! They are fun, flirty, and can add some fabulous extras to your look for spring and summer this year!

green accented eyeliner

blue eyeliner

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Make a splash.

Dive in darlings! Jantzen is celebrating 100 years of fashion forward swimsuits!  Created in 1910, Jantzen designed the original form-fitting swimsuit.  In the 1960’s, their ad campaigns consisted of “shapemakery” and “curvallure” bathing suits.  These suits were sexy (for their time), classic and fun.  Jantzen always used bright colors and feminine detailing!  Want to hear the great news? Keep reading!

Jantzen has launched its 100 years Summer 2010 campaign! Paying tribute to the classic 60’s suit, Jantzen has recreated the one piece, timeless, ruffled bathing suit!

I love Jantzen swimsuits because they have consistently stayed true to form-fitting pieces but have always maintained class and understated sexiness.  You will never catch Jantzen creating something that wouldn’t appeal to young women as well as older too.  So whether you order a vintage Jantzen bathing suit off of Ebay, or go to Macy’s and buy the new line–Jantzen will forever be a staple in your summer wardrobe!

2010 Ad

50's Ad

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