We meet again.

My blog!.  I’m sorry I abandoned you for 3 months!  I miss blogging.  I have not been short on fashion though.  I’ve been thrifting a lot this summer and I am getting ready to move at the end of this week!  Very busy summer, fashionistas!

A lot of changes are going to incur over the next couple of weeks, but I think I’m ready.  I was offered a full time teaching  job about an hour and a half away from home.  I will be moving into an apartment and starting life on my own!  Goodness!  I guess I grew up fast!

Below is an outfit I wore out shopping and to the LMFAO and Kesha concert the other night.  I was not about to wear fishnet tights and glitter all over my face—doesn’t really work for me.  I’ll leave the glitter to Kesha!

Outfit details:

Dress:  Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted.  Bag: Kate Spade.  Sandals: NY & Co.  Jewelery: Vintage

2nd photo: Burberry Fall  Collection 2011 Jacket.  I wish it was mine!





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A spring in my step.

I worked all day today like I do every Saturday and Sunday.  To brighten up my day on this rainy Sunday, I wore a bright colored cardigan and skirt.  I bought this outfit months ago and I have yet to wear it yet.  I bought both the cardigan and skirt from the Liz Claiborne Outlet right before it closed.  I scored both pieces for $9.99!

Cardigan: Liz Claiborne Outlet $4.99 

Skirt: Liz Claiborne Outlet $4.99

T-Shirt: Forever 21 

Watch: Bulova

Jewelery: my grandmother’s (vintage)

P.S.  I cut my hair shorter too–in anticipation of summer!



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Not so mellow yellow

Attention ladies!  Fear not the color yellow for Spring/Summer 2011!  I know that yellow can be a tricky color to pull off, especially if you are blonde and blue-eyed like me.  Sometimes yellow can make me look washed out but worn with the right hue and accessories, it’s absolutely stunning! I’m embracing this bold color trend this season and taking a cue from these fabulous fashionistas:

They’re rocking this bold color!

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I didn’t know where to start….

I came across this Alice Walker quote today and I feel that it exudes everything I’m feeling at this exact moment.  I’m graduating with my Education degree in one week, planning out my future, and itching for that next step.  I’m interviewing for teaching jobs and charting the course that will hopefully bring some much needed change to my life soon. I think I’m ready.

image: Tumblr

Plus, Tommy and the High Pilots helps me know “Where To Start”!



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Orange crush.

For work, I decided to dress down just a little.   I paired Gap jeans with a beautiful Ann Taylor blazer that I thrifted for $1!  Yes, you did not read incorrectly.  The blazer was marked down to $1.  This outfit has been getting a lot of mileage lately.  I’ve worn it to work, shopping with Kelly, and out and about with my mom.  It’s my new go to outfit. 


Blazer: Ann Taylor (thrifted) Jeans: Gap (thrifted) Shirt: Kohl’s Jewelery: Flea Market (years ago!)

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All I do is work.

I feel like between student-teaching, classes, and working all weekend, there has been no time for anything.  I had a serious shopping withdrawal!  Thank goodness for spring break and my friend Kelly!  We had lunch and hit up all of our favorite thrift and consignment stores.  I found this great vintage Ralph Lauren cotton dress–a total steal!  I wore it to work last week paired with Dollhouse white slingback pumps.  It was such an effortless ensemble!

Dress: Ralph Lauren  Shoes: Dollhouse  Jewelery: vintage (grandmother’s)

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Just needed a night away!

My boyfriend and I went to see Kathy Griffin in Atlantic City a few weeks ago.   I didn’t get a chance to blog about it because my semester was coming to an end.  I finished student teaching yesterday and now it’s on to graduation in just 2 weeks!  It’s been an exhausting process and now I’ll have some more free time to get back to blogging!

Not only was the Kathy Griffin show a blast because she’s obviously the funniest woman on the planet, but I had a chance encounter at the Borgata.  Carson Kressley happened to be at the show!  I  bumped into him leaving the show and going down the escalator.  For those of you that don’t know who he is–Google him!  He is a fashion guru, stylist, and has been on Oprah, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and How to Look Good Naked.  He was super sweet and said that he loved my outfit and shoes!  Score!  I totally died.  To have his approval was pretty awesome!

We ended the night with gelatos at the Borgata cafe.  All in all I’d say we had a successful night!

My outfit

Dress: INC Macy’s Shoes: Steve Madden

James’ Outfit:

Shirt: Ralph Lauren  Jeans: Merona for Target Tie: Merona for Target

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I Could Write A Sonnet About Your Easter Bonnet.

Happy Easter lovelies!  My family and I went to church this morning and I decided to shake things up.  I live in a small town in New Jersey and not many people would wear Easter bonnets to church.  Well, I’m not most people.  I thrifted this gorgeous hat this week for $5.00.  It matched my Easter dress perfectly.  My mother and I both wore hats to church this morning.  I thought it was something different, and now with the anticipated royal wedding, dress hats are making a comeback.

On me:

Dress: Liz Claiborne Outlet, Hat: Crochetta for Ooh La La-Thrifted, Shoes: Dollhouse, Jewelery: Vintage (grandmother’s)

On Brian:

Jacket: H&M, Pants: Dockers, Tie: Steve and Barry’s, White Shirt:  Van Heusen, Shoes: Italian White Leather, Daffy’s. 

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I decided.

One nice day and I have spring fever.

I have already begun the dreaded swimsuit shopping escapade.

I am refusing to buy a teenie tiny bikini this summer.  They are not flattering.  I am no longer a little 90 lb. teeanger.  I’m 5’3 and 125lbs.  I’m not a big woman, but the swimsuits seem to get smaller and smaller every season.

I may as well just wear 2 bandaids and a cork and call it a day.

Every spring I get so down on myself because I feel that it’s me that gained too much weight or something–but it’s not me!  I am happy with my figure but I can not be happy with these “barely” there swimsuits.  For woman that are 6’0 and 100 lbs—Kudos!  It’ s great if they work for you, but I don’t feel comfortable at all.

These tiny bikinis are giving me muffin tops and I don’t even have a muffin top!

The shape I am is the shape I am going to stay.  I am not longer going to shop in juniors, squeezing myself into these suits.

So, here is my solution:

Sexy tankinis!  I always thought one-pieces and tankinis were made for older women, and someone my age would look ridiculous in them.  I was so wrong! My mom and I went swim suit shopping last week and I found 2 beautiful tankinis by Carmen Marc Valvo and Perry Ellis.   I even found a great bikini from DKNY.  The solution is to shop better brands and look in the “Misses” departments of stores.  I found a great two piece by DKNY that does not have a tiny, tie-string bottom.

If you would like to join with me in this crusade, I found a few gorgeous suits from Victoria’s  Secret.  My suits are similar to these and they still are fun, pretty, and sexy without being skanky.



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Sorry for the lack of posts.

I am sorry that I have not been posting as much as I usually do this past month.  I started student teaching this semester and I still work all weekend.  Being busy 7 days a week does not lend itself time for blogging.  I will try my hardest to get a post in here and there, but for now, student teaching comes first.  When I graduate in May, I will be right back here blogging all about summer and trends.

I hope everyone enjoys these next few weeks!



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