I decided.

One nice day and I have spring fever.

I have already begun the dreaded swimsuit shopping escapade.

I am refusing to buy a teenie tiny bikini this summer.  They are not flattering.  I am no longer a little 90 lb. teeanger.  I’m 5’3 and 125lbs.  I’m not a big woman, but the swimsuits seem to get smaller and smaller every season.

I may as well just wear 2 bandaids and a cork and call it a day.

Every spring I get so down on myself because I feel that it’s me that gained too much weight or something–but it’s not me!  I am happy with my figure but I can not be happy with these “barely” there swimsuits.  For woman that are 6’0 and 100 lbs—Kudos!  It’ s great if they work for you, but I don’t feel comfortable at all.

These tiny bikinis are giving me muffin tops and I don’t even have a muffin top!

The shape I am is the shape I am going to stay.  I am not longer going to shop in juniors, squeezing myself into these suits.

So, here is my solution:

Sexy tankinis!  I always thought one-pieces and tankinis were made for older women, and someone my age would look ridiculous in them.  I was so wrong! My mom and I went swim suit shopping last week and I found 2 beautiful tankinis by Carmen Marc Valvo and Perry Ellis.   I even found a great bikini from DKNY.  The solution is to shop better brands and look in the “Misses” departments of stores.  I found a great two piece by DKNY that does not have a tiny, tie-string bottom.

If you would like to join with me in this crusade, I found a few gorgeous suits from Victoria’s  Secret.  My suits are similar to these and they still are fun, pretty, and sexy without being skanky.




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“I die”.

You can imagine my excitement when Women’s Wear Daily broke the news of Rachel’s new fashion line.  I went ba-na-nas. (Insert Rachel Zoe-isms here!) The clothes are clean, sleek, and tailored.  The clothes, in collaboration with Li & Fung, rang in price from $250 for a day dress to $700 for a full suit.  Apparently, both LF & Zoe felt that she already targeted the “afforable” market and audience with her line for QVC.

Well, excuse me!

Anyway. Rachel has partnered with LF USA to design the Rachel Zoe Collection.  The total collection will include apparel, accessories, shoes, and eventually home decor!  Rachel has been quoted saying that she always saw herself on the “design side”.  She loves styling and will continue doing so.

In addition to stylist and designer, she can add mother to her list of accomplishments.  She’s seven months pregnant! For those that watched the Rachel Zoe Project, you are fully aware of Rachel’s insane schedule.  It will be interesting to see how everything plays out!
Rachel was interviewed by WWD about the new line which will debut sometime next spring (line is still in production).
“You will definitely see me in the clothes. Like, you will absolutely see my trademark pieces. I’ll definitely do faux furs and incredible leather jackets and great trousers. But I’m catering to a broader audience.”

I think she “shut it down”.

Sick of my Zoe-isms yet?

Side note: Apparently “I die” and “Bananas” have since by trademarked by the Zoe camp.  All “Zoe-ism” phrases are courtesy of Rachel Zoe.  I wouldn’t want to be sued! 🙂





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He’s so in right now.

Jeffrey Campbell is one of the most sought after shoe designers now.  His outrageous designs and sky-high wedges leave shoe lovers speechless. 

Though his designs scream “haute couture” to most, his prices are very affordable.  You can find his shoes at Nordstrom, with prices ranging from $50.00 (on sale) to $200.00.  The prices are not bad considering how much women spend a year on shoes alone. 

The shoes below are all from the Spring 2011 campaign. 

I love to see shoe designers create high end fashion at affordable costs. 

I'm in LOVE with these strappy wedges.

all images courtesy of Google.

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Shine language.

Ok darlings.  This may be a tad early to post, but I don’t care.  I’m in the mood.  I absolutely can not stand that the mall had both Santa and Christmas music on Nov. 1st, but that’s a rant for another day.

I am however in a festive mood—just a little!  I’m itching to get this semester over: the lesson plans, 90 hours student teaching, and no days off–it’s getting to me. I do love my soon-to-be profession though, don’t get me wrong!  It makes me happy to think of the holidays and winter break being around the corner.  I need and little R&R and some time with the family and boyfriend.

Anyway, this post is not about my personal life!  It is however all about festive footwear!  I’m sure you know me well enough by now–any excuse to buy shoes and I’m in.  I love festive shoes for the holidays.  The glitter, sparkle, and romantic colors get me in the holiday mood, plus, my feet look fabulous in them!

Saks Fifth Avenue has a great selection of shoes for this holiday season!  Pretty plaids and bright sequins will compliment an array of holiday attire!

Dolce Vita $185.00

Burberry $250.00

Giuseppe Zanotti $595.00

Valentino $885.00

Tory Burch $235.00

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LC is tres chic!

Lauren “LC” Conrad is gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine for October 2010.  She wears both Zac Posen and Herve Lager and her spread looks both sophisticated and mature!

Lauren Conrad on the cover of Cosmo!

LC in Herve Lager.

LC in a feminine ensemble.

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Baby Mama.

Forever 21 has recently unveiled its new maternity line.

Yes. I was pretty shocked too.  Last time I checked, F21 was marketed for young girls.

I hardly shop at F21 because it’s geared towards young girls–tweens to young teens. Have you seen how short their dresses are lately?

1. I’m not wearing those at my age.  I’m 21 (insert F21 pun here).

2. I’m not a skank.

It bothers me and I really hope it bothers you that a company whose main target audience is young girls, is making a maternity line.

That all aside, the line does look nice.  The prices are affordable and considering a woman is only in true maternity clothes around her third trimester, there is no reason to break that bank.

I wish that Forever 21 would make a new campaign- not just for pregnant moms but for an older audience.  This left field pitch for an maternity would have been more successful, in my opinion, if F21 made a few lines to target women in their 20s who are about to enter the workforce or something.

But that’s not for me to market—unless F21 corporate is hiring.  (Call me–I graduate soon!)

In closing, I will not take this out on the clothes.  The maternity line is pretty fab for the price.

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Blunt much?

I came across this vintage Lane Bryant Ad and thought it was rather demeaning to curvier figures.  “Stout”, to me, is not the nicest way to advertise an Ad for Lane Bryant attire, but given the time it was produced, things may have been different.

I’ve been crazy busy with summer classes, but I will be posting some more lengthy posts as soon as I can!  For now, here’s the ad:

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Hooray for blogger exposure.

Emily, of Cupcakes and Cashmere, was selected by Coach to design a new handbag.  The “Emily” satchel will become part of the “boutique exclusives” collection for Coach this summer.

It’s light pink and feminine design will transcend from casual to dress with ease.  For $498, you can own this pretty & fabulous handbag.

P.S.–Kudos to Emily for snagging such a wonderful opportunity!

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Mixing the old and new.

It seems that lately, especially in department stores, formal attire is taking some inspiration from the 50’s and 60’s bubble skirts.  I think that dresses with a little “bubble” are flattering for almost every figure.  I found a vintage ad from Penney’s and thought you could compare the old with the new.

Penney's Ad from 1960

Modern day version

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Hey doll.

Let me be the first to introduce you to Wildfox Couture.  This brand is not the kind of couture that is going to walk down the red carpet at the Golden Globes, that’s for sure.

But…..Are you looking for some fun and silly, but still pretty and feminine shirts for summer?  Wildfox Couture is the way to go.

The shirts are great for backyard pool parties, beach cover ups, or a trip to the mall.  The designs are a little outrageous in the fact that I will not be wearing any of these pieces to work.  But all in all, the designs can make a serious statement.

The appeal has been massive in the celebrity world.  Everyone from Christina Aguilera to Halle Berry to Madonna have been seen rocking the famous t-shirts.

The shirts are fun and different–definitely something you can doll up or keep casual.  Enjoy!


All the images below are samples of the Wildfox designs!

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