Cheers to finally getting it right.

Hey, Forever 21!  I’ll raise a glass to you tonight for finally getting an outfit right!  Don’t get me wrong fashion darlings, I love Forever 21.  They are great for accessories, cheap prices, and trendy items.  Lately, though, and I hate to admit it–I’m really not digging the length of the dresses.

I’m a pretty short girl.  I’m only about 5’3 without heels so I’m on the shorter side.  It boggles my mind that every time I find a great dress at Forever 21, my booty is hanging out.  Granted, I may have a little more junk in the trunk than most girls, but I’m not going to wear a dress that would help me get work on a corner. Call me conservative, but I prefer people to be looking at me and not gawking at my skankalicious attire.

Is the short length of the dresses the reason for the cheap costs?  Can F21 not afford an extra inch of fabric?  I’m curious.  Someone, please, enlighten me.

For the time being, I’m totally gushing over this dress, hoping that when I get to the store, it covers my bum.  I could always rock some spandex under it (Um, no! Ew!)

Gorgeous design though!

F21 Colorblock Kaftan Dress $19.80!!!


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The short end of it.

Ok, lovelies.  I have a small, mini-rant about to take place.  Just kidding.  Maybe you all out there in the fashion world can riddle me this:  Why do people have such fear and anxiety over short hair?  I can not understand it.

Anyone I have ever admired, celebrity-wise that is, has always rocked a short do.  I think short haircuts are confident, sexy and sophisticated.  For years, I have rocked a pretty short asymmetrical bob and I love it.  Yesterday, I went even shorter–rocking something similar to Victoria Beckham’s famous do:

My favorite thing is when men get all uncomfortable about women with short hair.  I assure you, having had really short hair for a few years, I can’t make this stuff up.  In my opinion and recent experience, really great and sophisticated men will love and appreciate your sexy and short do, while the losers will sit there and feel uncomfortable (and miss out!)

To all the girls who have told me :”I love your hair! I’ve always wanted to do that but I could never go that short!”. OH.MY. GOODNESS. Just do it.  I promise, you won’t regret it.

Some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women have looked stunning in short locks:

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‘Til I stopped overthinking.

Kelis is fierce. Hands down.  Her new, bold look takes  center stage in her new video “Acapella”.  The glasses she wears combined with the bright colors and fashion make this video intense and bizarre—in a really good way.  That’s not even touching the surface of how great the song is. I am loving her new look, her new sound, and her new album.  She is fantastic. I love listening to her when I workout.

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Baby Mama.

Forever 21 has recently unveiled its new maternity line.

Yes. I was pretty shocked too.  Last time I checked, F21 was marketed for young girls.

I hardly shop at F21 because it’s geared towards young girls–tweens to young teens. Have you seen how short their dresses are lately?

1. I’m not wearing those at my age.  I’m 21 (insert F21 pun here).

2. I’m not a skank.

It bothers me and I really hope it bothers you that a company whose main target audience is young girls, is making a maternity line.

That all aside, the line does look nice.  The prices are affordable and considering a woman is only in true maternity clothes around her third trimester, there is no reason to break that bank.

I wish that Forever 21 would make a new campaign- not just for pregnant moms but for an older audience.  This left field pitch for an maternity would have been more successful, in my opinion, if F21 made a few lines to target women in their 20s who are about to enter the workforce or something.

But that’s not for me to market—unless F21 corporate is hiring.  (Call me–I graduate soon!)

In closing, I will not take this out on the clothes.  The maternity line is pretty fab for the price.

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Serpents for Dior.

Check out this serpent ring from Dior below.  I think it is absolutely gorgeous.

I think it goes perfectly with my Whiting and Davis collection seen here :

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Ride the wave.

I live at the beach all year round so surfing is pretty popular.  When I came across this surfboard, I fell in love.  Chanel–one of the most classic fashion design houses does surfing?

Now, since I am a longboarder, I wonder how Chanel feels about designing some skateboards…..

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For the love of art.

To start, fashion is my niche–art is not.  I love and appreciate art, especially when my fabulous friends create it.  So let me introduce all of you to Ms. Jackie Zimmer—fabulous friend, gorgeous young woman, and an exceptional artist.

I had the pleasure of attending Jackie’s art show this past week and I must say, I was impressed.  Hosted by Salon Du Monde in Point Pleasant Beach (which was a fabulous host!),  Jackie’s art show featured an eclectic group of her paintings, stained glass pieces, and funky style.

The response to her pieces was great and I believe she has a serious future in the art world.  Her pieces blend striking color, important social commentary, and a personal style that is all her own.  She invites all who view her pieces to see the reflection of her “art spirit”–a spirit that she has sculpted and molded all of her life.

When asked about her paintings she stated, “I discover the true meaning of the phrase ‘it is an expression of the soul’, a feeling from within, a need to project our creativity”.

Her expression, soul, and stellar creativity is flowing through every work she creates.

To contact Jackie and learn more about her pieces call (908) 783-5432 or email her at

Me, pictured with the artist, Jackie Zimmer

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Get happy.

I know this isn’t fashion related, but have you seen Judy Garland’s performance in Summer Stock?  Well, get familiar.

Actually, have you seen how ridiculously amazing Judy looks?  She is gorgeous and sexy in such a classic way! Oh, how I love classic musicals.


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Pattern play.

Anyone who knows me will tell you my motto: I do not buy it unless it’s on sale. Period. End of story. I love to look pretty and fabulous–as much as I can on my budget—so sales are a must.

When I was at the mall the other day I glanced at the sale racks in JcPenney.  Nicole by Nicole Miller is one of my favorite lines.  Yes, it’s not Nicole Miller couture but the dresses are fantastic.  I am pear shaped and Nicole Miller’s designs really flatter, fit my figure, and keep me looking classy and sophisticated.

I purchased this Nicole by Nicole Miller dress at 85% off (score!) and it looks absolutely show-stopping paired with my go-to sexy Dollhouse pumps. At 85% off , they may as well have just given me the dress!  Just kidding.  But yet I made another phenomenal outfit for work or a dinner date—if I do say so myself!

Oh and by the way, JcPenney’s website is really busting my you know whats.  It won’t let me post the pictures of my dress so here is the image of what I bought here :  Nicole Miller Gathered Contrast Dress.

Lesson learned: Just take pictures of myself in the dress (it looks so much prettier and more flattering in person–trust me!)

Go buy it at the mall though—it’s much cheaper in the store compared to online price.

And here are the shoes I paired it with:

BAM! Fabulous heels!

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Singin’ in the rain. literally.

As I was clicking my way through celeb photos for the week, I came across Christina Aguilera in a fabulous Topshop raincoat.  Considering the horrid weather this morning, I felt it was appropriate to blog about rain gear.  For me, the appeal is its thin, light weight material.  If you are wearing a fabulous ensemble underneath, the coat is completely see-through, showing your killer outfit!  Normally rain gear doesn’t exactly get me excited for fashion, but I absolutely love this!

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