All the right moves.

Jessica Szhor rocking a Jenny Packham frock at the Much Music Awards last week.  I love the burst of color, the gorgeous silhouette, and her eye-catching clutch bag.  Perfection.


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Get a little crazy.

Jessica Alba has scored the cover of Genlux magazine.  The photos are incredible.  There is no need for any explanation here.  She looks fierce! Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the spread:

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Let them eat Louboutin.

As Marie Antoinette once so famously stated, “Let them eat cake!”

In my world and the genius vision that is Christian Louboutin, all shall wear fabulous footwear!  This past year, Christian Louboutin designed a few pairs of shoes that were inspired by Marie Antoinette and modernized by Louboutin’s creative mind.  The result: heaven.

And for a little added bonus (since I watched the movie again!),  my favorite song off the “Marie Antoinette” soundtrack is below: The song “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and The Banshees.

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The cat’s meow.

This summer it’s out with the new and in with the old–glasses that is.  Tons of designers are taking a cue from the 50’s cat-eye glasses and designing large cat-eye sunglasses.

Here’s where the inspiration is coming from:

Marilyn Monroe cat-eye glasses.

Now the designers have tweaked the look, making it modern but still paying homage to the fabulous generation that included Marilyn Monroe.

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Fresh and fierce.

Balmain is not a designer that is usually in my repertoire, but when I saw this season’s designs, I was instantly hooked.

The androgynous look of tailored pants, studded dresses, and fringe boots can take you from drab to fab instantly. The pieces make a statement, one that must be made with serious confidence–but I know you can pull it off.

The best place to purchase Balmain, and save up to 85% off, is The Outnet.  They have large selection of clothes from Balmain in addition to your other favorite designers—all at 50% off or more! But you have to hurry! The sales are timed and after a few days, you can easily miss out on fabulous attire!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Balmain this season:


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Yay for Prive!

Megan Fox arrived at the La premiere of Jonah Hex looking sexy, glamorous, and gorgeous in the red Giorgio Armani Prive dress! Love it.

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Have you heard?

I love when shopping can be an event.  As many of you know, I live at the Jersey Shore (not to be confused or associated with that disgusting TV show).  I am a little less that two hours away from Pennsylvania.  I took a trip to the King Of Prussia mall in PA yesterday.

And boy, did I fall in love.  The mall itself was incredible–the biggest mall on the east coast.  But the most amazing part?  Discovering Nordstrom Rack.  Nordstrom Rack, if I had to explain, would be a more upscale and definitely more organized version of Marshall’s.

Being a slight label addict, I felt like I was on sensory overload.  From this season’s Michael Kors sandals at 65% off to Calvin Klein dresses as low as $29.99, there is something for everyone.  The most ironic part of this shopping escapade was my boyfriend’s fabulous finds.  Usually it’s me whose maxing out the credit card, but he scored big at Nordstrom.

He purchased a great D&G watch, 2 pairs of Armani sunglasses, gorgeous Ben Sherman pants, tie, and shirt and a killer pair of Sperry’s.  I got a great pair of pink Sperry’s and a few dresses and necklaces.  Both of our totals were under $200!  This is THE place to shop and get great quality clothes on my budget.

With Nordstrom Rack opening 15 more stores this year–here’s wishful thinking.  I’m hoping that they keep expanding! The newest store to open will be in Union Square in NYC–that will be one heck of a store—it’s rumored to be taking over the massive Virgin Megastore so it will be stocked with tons of fabulous designs!

For Nordstrom Rack locations and details go here:  Nordstrom Rack.

A few pictures of our great finds:

My pink Sperry's!

My bf's D&G watch!

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Blunt much?

I came across this vintage Lane Bryant Ad and thought it was rather demeaning to curvier figures.  “Stout”, to me, is not the nicest way to advertise an Ad for Lane Bryant attire, but given the time it was produced, things may have been different.

I’ve been crazy busy with summer classes, but I will be posting some more lengthy posts as soon as I can!  For now, here’s the ad:

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I like to sneak(sneek) a peek.

I am a grammar nut.  I therefore could not decide if this blog would be a “sneek peek” or my fabulous fashionistas just sneaking a peek.  You decide.

Anyway! Have you seen the preview of Tory Burch’s Fall 2010 collection?  In the words of the famous and fabulous Rachel Zoe– I DIED.

Gorgeous, gentle, feminine designs partnered with a sophisticated rocker edge screams amazing to me. Just like one of her graphic sweater designs states, this collection is “Divine, Divine, Divine!!!”   I was only able to obtain a few images because the collection is only being previewed at this point.  Tory Burch, just like Stella McCartney, knows how to dress a woman.  Tory understands a woman’s shape and designs clothes to complement and not hide a woman’s great figure. This collection is perfect for any Fall wardrobe.

Look how she paired a party dress with work boots! Genius.

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Lend me, Fendi?

For those of you who haven’t already, sign up for Saks 5th Ave’s daily email subscriptions.  For me, opening a daily email from Saks is like Christmas morning every single day.

Today, Fendi was the featured designer and can I just say, Wow!  I absolutely love the monogram design every season but the jump from the bags to shoes is perfection.  The classic Fendi label is featured in their shoes this season (see below!). I love this mix of the classic with the new designs.  Fendi will always be timeless (I rock my mother’s Fendi bag!).  And have you seen the height on these new shoes? Fabulous!


fun for summer!

love love love!

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