Diane Kruger knows how to work a dress.

Diane Kruger, now dating the adorable Joshua Jackson, always gets it right when it comes to couture gowns. I think she is so beautiful and she knows how to dress for her shape.  These are a few of my favorite looks:


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Hey doll.

Let me be the first to introduce you to Wildfox Couture.  This brand is not the kind of couture that is going to walk down the red carpet at the Golden Globes, that’s for sure.

But…..Are you looking for some fun and silly, but still pretty and feminine shirts for summer?  Wildfox Couture is the way to go.

The shirts are great for backyard pool parties, beach cover ups, or a trip to the mall.  The designs are a little outrageous in the fact that I will not be wearing any of these pieces to work.  But all in all, the designs can make a serious statement.

The appeal has been massive in the celebrity world.  Everyone from Christina Aguilera to Halle Berry to Madonna have been seen rocking the famous t-shirts.

The shirts are fun and different–definitely something you can doll up or keep casual.  Enjoy!


All the images below are samples of the Wildfox designs!

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This is how it’s done.

I came across The Girl in the Check Scarf’s blog and found this amazing, breathtaking, and perfect wedding piece.  Why do weddings always have to be so extravagant and senseless?

Taking inspiration from Audrey Hepburn’s classic style, this wedding is simple, romantic, and absolutely beautiful.  The bride channeled both Audrey’s September 26th, 1954 wedding to Mel Ferrer and Audrey’s wedding dress in Funny Face. I think this is brilliant.  The wedding holds the luxe that most brides are looking for, but it is subdued and the guests were able to pay attention to what was important–the sanctity of the ceremony.  I’d definitely do this if I get married one day.

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Rock & Republic.

Rock & Republic pump $295

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Skinny mini.

Being a curvier girl and definitely not a size zero stick figure, most skinny bikinis look horrendous on me.  I am not embarrassed nor do I feel the need to change the way I look. My figure is what it is and I embrace it.

Since most girls do not have a “model” figure, why should we succumb to swimsuits designed for such figures?  Personally, most skinny, barely-there bikinis do absolutely nothing to flatter my figure.

My suggestion for not only myself but girls similar to my body type?  Find a fab one piece of cut-out bikini that flatters your most amazing features–other than your already gorgeous faces!

Here are a few of my picks and top of the line designed swimsuits for Summer 2010.

Juicy Couture

I love Juciy Couture’s 50’s swimsuit inspiration.  The ruffles will show off your sexy curves and keep you fun and flirty at the beach!

Michael Kors

Michael Kors 2010 designs are sophisticated and classic–not showing off too much!

Emilio Pucci

This Emilio Pucci one piece cut out swimsuit is the perfect bikini alternative!

Kenneth Cole

This one piece Kenneth Cole swimsuit is perfect for the more daring sun bather!

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The fate of Alexander McQueen.

If you didn’t hear the news that rocked fashion worldwide, you might have been living under a rock this year.  With the passing of innovative designer, Alexander McQueen, came the question of the fate of the McQueen empire.  Would the Alexander McQueen brand still exist and would it still design outrageous, questionable, and over-the top pieces?

The breaking news hit this week when the company announced that Sarah Burton would be named the creative director at Alexander McQueen.  Sarah began working closely with Alexander McQueen in 1996.  She was part of the work-study program at the company.  When asked about her dear friend Alexander, Sarah stated, “The creation of modern, beautifully crafted clothes was at the heart of Lee’s vision.  I intend to stay true to his legacy”.

Sarah Burton

This shift in direction is not a foreign idea this year, as it pertains to the fashion world.  Jean Paul Gaultier (I adore him!) is being replaced at Hermes by Christophe Lemaire.  Also, Giles Deacon is taking over creatively for Emmanuel Ungaro.  I am very interested to see this collaboration.  And finally, Theory has promoted Olivier Theyskens to design the new collection for next year.

All in all, we can not forget the true legacy that Alexander McQueen will forever hold in the fashion industry.  As sad as the news was about his death, his final collection was something remarkable and not to be missed.  In honor of all things amazing about Alexander Mcqueen, see his final collection here:

My favorite pieces from McQueen's final Fall/Winter 2010 show.

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If at first you don’t succeed.

If at first you don’t succeed, try to push the trend again?  I’m not too sure about this one darlings.  I absolutely love Sarah Jessica Parker and everything she does–movies, fashion ventures, motherhood, etc.  SJP got a lot of flack for her green beret concoction at the London premiere of Sex and the City, 2 years ago.  She has decided to venture once again into the edgy, unexpected look of Philip Tracy.

I know that I do not have much experience in European fashion but sometimes I feel that these hair accessories overpower not only her dresses but the overall purpose of the red carpet walk.  It takes away from her beauty.  The hats are interesting pieces though.  What do you think?  I’m sort of conflicted on this one.

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Something to get you thinking.

What runs through your mind when you go shopping?  Is it a particular look you want to achieve, your budget, or the time you spend in a store?  I bet that you, like myself, do not take the time to necessarily think about where the clothes come from.

What is the history behind that fabulous new chiffon blouse or the thought process behind the new military inspired jackets?

H&M, the 3rd largest clothing retailer in the world, has shed some light on “democratic” fashion.  How does H&M do it?  Fabulous, high quality clothing sold at a modest price?  ABC’s Nightline covered H&M’s popularity and history in a recent segment.  Take a look—-you may learn something!


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Some glitz and glam.

Carolina Herrera needs no introduction.  Her Spring 2010 collection was absolutely magnificent and the new CH by Carolina Herrera has designed the most perfect looks for the modern, sophisticated and fashionable woman.  I enjoy both of her collections every season.  I put her on par with Chanel for class and timeless sophistication.

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Lanvin is pristine.

Ever since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker’s over-the-top glamour shoot for Vogue, I’ve been enthralled with Lanvin.  Lanvin is not a designer I often refer to, so I’ve been doing some research, following the trends, and analyzing the designs.

Bergdorf Goodman hosts Lanvin’s entire line and one outfit in particular caught my eye:

Lanvin @ Bergdorf Goodman

Believe it or not, this piece is not a dress.  It is the combination of a T-shirt design and ruffled skirt. I didn’t realize how much style and sophistication could come from a t-shirt! Lanvin’s new collection features lot of romantic draperies and soft color palettes.  It is full of glamour and easy on the eyes.  Enjoy!

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